Sunday, June 22, 2014

Young Conference Attendees Enjoy Saturday Field Trip

By Karen Lovett, 2014 Conference Reporter

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis strives to create extraordinary learning experiences. Today, young ladies and gentlemen visited and showed them the power and strength of the younger attendees of the PH Conference.

With a variety of topics of interest to choose from such as China, trains, dinosaurs and the contribution of children to improving the world, there is something for almost everyone.

Today’s visitors have a few suggestions. Maren, from Alabama, found a love of dinosaurs when she saw the cast of dinosaur bones. Dev, from Ontario, thinks the Take me to China exhibit was the most fun. Jalen, from Missouri, loved the Egypt archeology exhibit. Cameron, from Oklahoma, thinks that the Fireworks of Glass exhibit was something you just can’t miss. Many of the young attendees, like Julia from Alabama, picked The Science Works exhibit as their favorite – especially Israel, from New Mexico, who built his own boat. All of these powerful young attendees seemed to have had a blast.

To learn more about the museum, visit its website at

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