Sunday, June 22, 2014

PHers Strut Their Stuff at the Fashion Show

Written by Marylin Hanft, 2014 Conference Reporter 
Photos by Karen Lovett, 2014 Conference Reporter

Put 10 makeup and hairstylists, 29 models and a dozen or so PHA staff members in a large room, and what do you have? The 2014 Conference Fashion Show! As everyone filed into the backstage area with 2 1/2 hours to go to showtime, controlled chaos ensued.

The estheticians worked their magic on hair and makeup, turning every model into a beauty. PHA staff member Chelsea and her staff kept everything moving as we all donned our first outfits and nervously got in line. "I'm FIRST?! But I'm not even sure what I'm doing!" "You'll do fine. Relax and enjoy the fun." I took that advice to heart, relaxed and had one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

Cute kids, mostly girls, emerged from the hairdressers' chairs sporting gorgeous curls, got into adorable outfits, and got in line. Ladies who had arrived without makeup or fancy hairdos were transformed into runway-ready beauties, first donning casual wear then more formal attire.

The lone male in the groups arrived wearing his purple zebra cape and hat with panache (pictured right). Our MCs, Debbie and Lucas, did an awesome job of reading the scripts that participants had provided and leading the "Where's the pump" game.

Out of chaos came laughter and a show that went off without a hitch. The audience cheered us on and made all of us feel very special. Ornah in her wedding gown made a lovely end to the show as we all gathered around her for our final bow.

What fun we had! What memories we take away!

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  1. this was such a fun show! every single one of these patients looked amazing! and some of them I couldn't tell where they hid their iv's, pumps or oxygen tanks!
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