Tuesday, February 25, 2014

114 days until Conference Opening…

In 114 short days, PHA’s 2014 International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions will venture to Indianapolis for what will be the largest gathering of the PH community in the world. Conference will take place June 20-22 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Are you planning to join us? We sure hope so! Registration is already open and the list of PH community members attending Conference is growing by the day.

Our 2014 Conference is themed Racing Toward a Cure, which speaks to both the racing aspect of the city of Indianapolis, and the fast-paced motion of the PH community. Even better – the theme was submitted by a PH patient, Mary Svikhart, just for this Conference.

PHA’s International PH Conference is unique because it brings together patients, family members, medical professionals, researchers and friends for three days of education, networking and fun. Conference truly is a center-point for the PH community, and it only happens once every two years.

If you have already registered for Conference, below are some highlights you can expect in June. But if you’re undecided, we hope these highlights encourage you to register and join us!

Come to learn.
Conference is a chance to learn about the latest treatments and research in PH, strategies for managing life with the disease and ways to fight back. Patients and family members will be able to choose from more than 50 educational sessions to attend, all presented by leading medical professionals, patients, family members and PHA staff.

We didn’t forget about the PH-treating medical professionals! In addition to the full-day Scientific Sessions, medical professionals can choose from 12 sessions dedicated to the fundamentals of PH. Plus, the Conference Poster Hall will feature case studies and abstracts about the latest research in the field from their fellow colleagues from around the world.

Come to share.
Attending Conference provides the perfect venue for you to connect with others, just like you, from all over the world. Whether it is during sessions, in the Exhibit Hall or in the elevator heading back to your hotel room – you will meet, or re-meet, more than 1,500 of your PH friends who are in attendance!  

Come for a life-changing experience.
Nobody can speak to the impact that Conference has better than a Conference attendee. So if you don’t take our word for it, here is what a PH community member said about our last Conference:

“Conference was the final realization that I am not alone. Being in the same room with so many different people, but yet having something so big in common, made me feel like I am more in control of this disease.” – 2012 Conference Attendee

So, ladies and gentlemen…. Start your engines – and join us as we race toward Conference!

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Suzanne Flood

Marketing & Communications Manager, PHA

PHA Conferences Attended: 2010; 2012

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